Saturday, May 24, 2008

Meet the Tree Dwellers

Me: Wife of PB and mom to Doc and Obi Wanda. I’m currently a homeschooling mom (mostly Tapestry of Grace if you’re interested) who is borderline obsessive about curriculum research. I love to read and enjoy discovering new authors. The desire of my heart is to have a home where Jesus reigns and prayer and laughter abound. I also bake brownies just so I can eat the batter. Now if I could just get the laundry folded...

PB (that’s short for Paul Bunyan): Husband, father, best friend and the washer of the dog. He’s our resident computer expert which makes him the extended family’s help desk. PB cooks a mean breakfast and is responsible for making sure my iPod playlist isn’t too embarrassing. He’s also man enough to fix a leaky toilet but will still watch “So You Think You Can Dance” with me. I’m blessed, blessed, blessed!

Doc Brown (an 80’s “Back to the Future” reference): Our I-can’t-believe-he’s-in-1st grade son. He’s our resident (real) tree climber and bug collector who’s proven that there are at least 101 uses for each of our household objects. Doc has the uncanny ability to use his smile to make me forget why he was in trouble. In return I’ve convinced him that brownies are supposed to be paper thin.

Obi Wanda: Our four year old daughter who we’re convinced uses Jedi mind tricks on us. A girl with a mind of her own, she’s a beautiful bundle of contradictions: part linebacker and part princess with a flair for the dramatic. She’s just as likely to dress Cinderella up as she is to do a burnout with her (a NASCAR reference and yes, she’s actually done that). Oh, and never, ever underestimate her.


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