Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why Tree Climbing Adventures

I named this blog Tree Climbing Adventures because I often use the phrase “up in a tree” to describe my mental state. As in I’m up in a tree, I don’t know how I got here and I can’t get down. On especially trying days it also means there’s sap in my hair and bugs in my shorts to boot.

Life and motherhood especially can give you those kinds of days. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with family and friends who know how to get me out of my tree. My husband is a regular tree rescue hero (that should explain the Paul Bunyan reference). There’s a lot of wonderful people in my life who are great at reminding me not to turn a little ficus into a dang towering oak.

The best way to get me out of my tree? Remind me that the King loves me and has uniquely equipped me for the life he has given me. Chocolate helps, too.

I’ve resolved to have a different relationship with trees. I want to climb them all the way to the top and then rest and enjoy the view. I want to relax under their shade with my husband and have sweet tea and long conversations. I want to build treehouses with my kids that others might think are disasters, but we’ll know are masterpieces. And if I get a splinter in my hand or a scratch on my knee, then Jesus will heal them and I’ll be better for it.

So that’s what the blog is about. Faith, marriage and motherhood with a little homeschool, Star Wars, and other random stuff thrown in. I’m sure a lot of my other quirks will make guest appearances, too. I’ll still have some “up in a tree” days and I’ll share that for your entertainment as well.

So who’s up for a little tree climbing?


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