Saturday, August 2, 2008

Do they sell sackcloth and ashes at Target?

Our AC broke yesterday. Again. That's the second time in two months.

I know what triggered the latest breakdown. Thursday we signed a contract for a new roof. I thought I would have to give hubby oxygen after he signed the paperwork. It stinks to have to pay so much money for something you can't eat, wear or drive.

But we need a new roof, especially since in our family when it rains it POURS. That's why we had to get estimates last week to have a new sewage line installed. It runs under the driveway. The plumber doesn't think he'll have to break up the driveway to run the new line.  Optimism is a nice quality in a plumber.

We'll know in a few hours what the deal is with our AC. I'm praying it's not going to be a big deal. My sister asked me when the locusts are going to show up.

But you know what? God really is good. For starters, we were able to spend the night at my parent's house last night. Their AC works and they have a swimming pool. Also, my dad bought me chocolate. Most importantly, we had some great fellowship time with my folks. So it was like a mini vacation.

God's also taught me a lot this year in the area of finances. Eight months ago I would have been freaking out about all of this. And while I'm clearly not thrilled with the circumstances (note the sackcloth and ashes reference), I trust God's provision. He's shown me that He hasn't called me to fix everything, including the money stuff, He's simply called me to obey.

His provision is perfect and He's not going to stop taking care of us, but boy do I hope the AC gets fixed today!


oneblessedmamma said...

I SO live that life. I thought it was just us. That's totally how it goes for us too. Roof leaks, AC quits, and fridge dies...and I wonder why we never seem to get to the end of a month and have anything to "spare". I know it's a lesson God has for me too, to trust in His provision.

Becks said...

Oh not a fun week. Hope next week is much nicer :)

Tree Climbing Mom said...

It's nice to know our "crazy" is kind of normal!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Becks! So glad to hear from you. Hope the vacation went well!

chewhi said...

I remember always hearing when I was growing up; "when it rains, it pours" "it comes in 3s" but never really understood what the grown-ups meant by that until being old myself!

Praise God He is so faithful!

Tree Climbing Mom said...


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