Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet the sistahs

We had a great surprise this weekend.   My sister Ma Bell (in the middle) and my niece came down for a quick visit.  She lives 6 hours away, but drove down to be at CCOTL's (where EC's [on the left] husband is the pastor) first service in their new building.  It was a wonderful day and a great celebration of all that God is doing in and through this awesome church.  PB and I (by process of elimination... on the right!) went there for two years so it was nice to visit with old friends after the service.

Anyway, the best part of the weekend was having all three of us in the same place again.  I could go on and on about what it meant to have two older sisters who looked out for me and encouraged me especially during my middle and high school years.  I could tell you about their majorette costumes and Farah Fawcett hair, but I shutter to think of the retaliation (they have a lot of ammunition).  But instead I'll just break down why I love these two amazing women who make me laugh until I cry.

Meet EC.  Do you want someone to tell it like it is?  Talk to EC.  Would you like to find the most warped angle on any given situation?  EC will find it.  Need someone to keep things on track?  EC again.  If I'm looking for one word to describe EC I think I'd pick BIG (and no, not her hair on a humid day:) ).    Big truth and big fun.  She calls it like she sees it and I can't remember a time she wasn't right (but I love her anyway).  This is a woman who seeks out the fastest roller coasters and cheers her football team with the loudest yells.  I love her because there is no halfway with her, not in her faith and not in the way she loves her family and friends.

Ma Bell, Ma Bell.  The Welcome Wagon.  This woman certainly was gifted in the area of hospitality and not in a don't touch the doilies kind of way.  True hospitality.  The kind that puts others at ease no matter the circumstance because they can sense my sister's open and accepting heart.  Ma Bell is a great empathizer because she is sincere and great at reading what is really going on in a person's heart.  This is probably because her own heart is so soft.  But here's the thing: she's no weeping willow.  Look out if she sees an injustice.  Ma Bell doesn't sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to step in.  She's a fighter for her faith and everyone she loves.  And she's funny.  VERY funny.

I love my sisters.  They both challenge me and yet are a place of rest for me.  They appreciate the finer things like dessert and reality television.  To a world that says a beautiful woman has the "perfect" body and an expensive wardrobe, I challenge you to look at the washed out picture of the exhausted mamas above and tell me that the two women on the left aren't two of the most beautiful women in the world.

I know they are.


chewhi said...

great post! and wash-outs no way! the eyes and smiles say it all! beautiful lovely ladies!

Lisa said...

Wow oobie...I thought that I was all cried out yesterday! Thank you for not throwing me under the majorette bus. All that sequin and pleather boots...oooohhh...purty. I LOVE you to death and I'm so incredibly proud to be your big sister!!!

Mike Boyd said...

Lori, You captured your two sisters perfectly and be sure to add yourself to the that list: beautiful, warm, and "my little crusader." I am so proud of all three of my beautiful daughters. What a beautiful tribute you have created. Love, Mommy

Mike Boyd said...


I agree with you in every respect. You are a treasure as are your sister.


Tiffany said...

I love all of you ladies! I was thrilled to see Ma Bell on Sunday and you too. I love talking to all of you--I bet your house was crazy when you girls were growing up. You guys are all so funny and unique. I'm sure your parents could write a book!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

What BEAUTIFUL ladies! It was so good to see you all together! I know how special that must be to be reunited.

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