Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympic madness

Yes, this is another Olympic related post.  I told you we were Olympic junkies.  I wasn't kidding.

Platform diving freaks me out.  

Just watching it makes me a nervous wreck because I have a fear of heights.  Specifically a fear of falling from heights.  So why would you jump off the equivalent of a three story building on purpose?

The worst is when the divers inch up to the edge of the platform and turn around and literally hang on by their toes.  Oh, and the handstand dives are a special level of crazy.  You know there's a first time they do that.  You can tell me about all the practice they do beforehand, but there's still a first time they do it at that height.

I still have visions of Greg Louganis whacking his head on the edge of the platform when he did one of those crazy jump out and flip backwards dives.  

And yet I can't look away.  Even when they show one of those camera angles looking from the diver's perspective that give you a feeling of just how high up she is.  My stomach drops and I cover my mouth.  Sometimes I even let out the yell that the diver should be screaming on the way down if she was in her right mind.

I know I'm giving PB more cause for concern about my mental health, but I don't care.  It freaks me out and I love it!


Lisa said...

Greg Louganis' head whack freaked me out too. Glad I'm not the only one...:)

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