Friday, August 8, 2008

Our first week at the Tree Climbing Academy

Here's a quick breakdown of our first week of school:

  • The biggest hits by far were the language arts activities:  "The Boxcar Children" and I Can Read It! exercises.  I loved listening to Doc Brown confidently read aloud and laugh at the goofy antics of Pat the rat and Nat the cat.  
  • Handwriting looks like it's going to be one of those subjects.  You gotta do it, but clearly nobody is real interested.
  • YouTube is now a part of our curriculum (I did NOT see that coming) as we used it to learn how to eat with chopsticks.  I'm sure Gladys Aylward wouldn't mind being an excuse to order takeout.
  • We spent three days at our extension campus (my parents house) due to my aforementioned brilliant plan to begin school the same week we get a new roof.
  • We are 4 for 4 in failed science experiments so we are either defying the laws of science or I'm incapable of reading a kindergarten science book.
Overall, we had a good week.  Only 35ish more to go!


chewhi said...

good week! give yourself more time with the experiments!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Thanks chewhi! PB is convinced that it is the book's fault:)

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