Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That didn't last long

Homeschool Day 7:  

Bye-bye science curriculum.  You came highly recommended by moms who enjoyed great success with your detailed diagrams and fully stocked supply kit.  I looked forward to seeing the same results with my son and fantasized about exciting experiments that would help us unlock the mysteries of the universe.

I just forgot to factor in one important thing:  I'm terrible at science.  I took both chemistry and physics in summer school so that I (and my parents) could avoid spending an entire school year in misery.

I realized yesterday that we were headed for disaster when I noted how many times I said (out loud), "Huh.  Well, that doesn't make sense."  Not a good way to get your child excited about the subject matter.

My sister gave me some of her old homeschool supplies that included a science curriculum that might be a better fit for us.  I'm looking forward to giving it a try. 

Hopefully it will make sense.


chewhi said...

lol... be assured I'm not laughing at you... I don't know a homeschool mom who hasn't had this experience! Good for you! You're discovering right away that it's about fit and timing... and all those things! I can't help it (and I'm not a sappy person)... I'm proud of you!

Tiffany said...

If this next science curriculum flops--here's my suggestion. Get the Usborne Science Activities books (Science with Air, Science in the Kitchen, Things Outdoors, etc.) There are lots of pictures, VERY simple experiments with supplies you probably have on hand and the book does a great job explaining things on the pretty picture page but if you still don't get it you can go to the back and they give a brief "for dummies" explanation. This is what My Father's World uses and I LOVE it. I too stink at Science but these books are very doable.

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Thanks you guys. I'm so thankful I can share this with other moms and receive such wonderful encouragement.

Tiffany - um, guess who can't figure out VERY simple stuff:)

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