Tuesday, September 2, 2008

But they're such cute little tape recorders

My words don't haunt me.  No.  They bite me square in the fanny.

Especially when they are repeated by my children.  Like they were today.


This afternoon while I was fixin' lunch the kids were playing "doctor" with Obi Wan-da's baby dolls.  Doc Brown (playing the role of doctor) examined the baby and said, "Now don't freak out."  And just where did my son get his compassionate bedside manner?  From me.

Later, Obi Wan-da spilled her water when she was getting up from lunch.  I hopped up to help clean it up and heard Doc Brown tell his sister, "Well don't just stare at it!"

Yeah, he got that from me too.


chewhi said...


and so it continues too! And I have to say the "well don't just stare at it" comment has been said quite often in this household!

Tiffany said...

Joe says freak out a lot. Usually it is in the context of asking me not to freak out. :0)
It is funny to hear your children say something that you know they got from you. You've got some funny kids!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

So glad it's not just not my household!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

very cute! kids are so carefree!

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