Thursday, October 23, 2008

My New Time Waster

If you need me I'll be doing this all day:

I have a hard time saying no to iGoogle gadgets.

As if I don't already have enough distractions.


chewhi said...

I clicked a couple times... that's why I don't have a hard time ignoring this kind of thing... I'm not smart enough... I don't get it.

Tree Climbing Mom said...

I think you have to click the underlined "Gadgets" to have a chance to play. You're better off not joining me in my addiction:)

Carrie Thompson said...

seriously read your comment on Fiddledeedee...

Drive thru and HOME deliverary.

um mind telling me where you live? i wanna start having dh put job applications out there!

totally jealose!

Luke said...

Oh my. Had to stop myself there. ...started getting hooked in just six clicks (I had to look at the directions because I was lost at the start).


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