Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One more note about Obi Wan-da's birthday

Obi Wan-da outgrew her old bike so PB and I thought her birthday would be a good excuse to buy her a new one.  I was very busy the day I bought it and completely frazzled when I went to Toys R Us.  All I remember seeing were princess faces (with their bellies covered) and a big sale sign.


Then PB put it together and beckoned me outside to take a look at it:

Silence.  "Boy is that gaudy."  

Personally I think it looks like a bunch of princesses threw up all over it.  PB said it looks like an episode of "Pimp My Bike".

The only thing that's missing is a bell.  Which designer thought the purple butterfly "hubcaps" would be a nice touch, but a bell would be over the top?

Of course Obi Wan-da LOVES it and that's all that matters.  There wouldn't be a princess 100 yards near something I like.  My parents bought me a yellow bicycle with a rainbow banana seat when I was a girl.   It was one of my most memorable Christmas presents ever.  If Obi Wan-da's bike makes her half as happy as I was with my bike, then I'm very glad we bought it.

Even if it looks like a unicorn should be riding it.


chewhi said...

ohh... my daughter and I were both reading this one and laughing. too funny... her comment? "I never had a princess bike" so now Obi-Wanda can say, "yes, I definitely had a princess bike!"

Happy Birthday!

Luke said...

"I think it looks like a bunch of princesses threw up all over it."

[laughing] Well, I don't know about that, but it definitely is intense. Glad she loves it.


Tiffany said...

I was quickly reading blogs this morning and as I was reading yours I had my mouse on the close button and quickly closed it as I read the last sentence and then cracked up. Your comment about the unicorn is making me laugh all over again today.

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Yeah, it's ugly, but I think I'm going to smile every time I look at that bike.

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