Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Feel Official

I think we're officially homeschoolers.  No, I haven't bought a denim jumper:) 


We did our first lapbook project!  I can't tell you what a big deal this is.  I am not one who thrives on hands on projects.  I often wonder what's the point.  I think that's one of the (many) reasons I was drawn to Sonlight.

However, lapbooking makes sense to me.  It seemed intimidating at first.  Especially after seeing other people's amazing samples on the internet.  But then I came across and their mountain of free lapbooking resources.  That's where I found this free lapbook kit for a book we were about to start: "My Father's Dragon".  (Great book!)  It basically held my hand through the entire process.

The kids loved it!  Obi Wan-da even made her own. (Sort of. She didn't want to assemble the pieces into a folder because she wanted to play with them instead.  She's got her own beat and her own drum.)  It gave us a great jumping off point for discussing different aspects of the book. We even learned about flora and fauna.  I didn't know a kindergartner could learn those things, but apparently they can because Doc Brown did.

What a great tool!  I'm already getting excited about the dolphin lapbook we'll do with "The Dolphin Adventure".  This could easily become a new addiction.

Here's some pictures of Doc Brown's very first lapbook:


Cheryl said...

wow! you had time for this before you left?? what a woman!

I love the lapbook idea of learning, what a great tool.

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