Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poor Impulse Control... Nostalgia Fest - Part 1

The holidays are a great chance to play "I remember the time..."

As in, I remember the time I borrowed my sister's Benetton sweatshirt (so cool) and cut a hole in the front of it.  Just for kicks.  I wasn't mad at her or anything.  I simply wanted to see what would happen if I did it.  It was just a random impulse that I acted on.  It explains a lot about my son...

I have to say the sweatshirt incident is one of my favorite memories of my dad, even though it involved substantial discipline (warped, right?).  I believe his exact words were, "What would happen if you wanted set the couch on fire??!! Would you do that, too??!!!"  Can I tell you that whenever I need a good laugh I picture that moment?  Seriously, I'm smiling while I type this.  My dad followed up by telling me I would have to return a new outfit my parents had bought me and use the money to replace my sister's sweatshirt.

I was going to have to return my Miami Vice inspired blazer and pants that I was planning on wearing to my 8th grade dance.  I'll give you a moment to picture a super skinny 13 year old with giant braces and a bad perm decked out in a bright red tribute to Sonny Crockett.  I'm so sorry I have no pictures to post.

Enter one of the first of many sweet bonding moments with my sister.  She had pity on me and asked my parents to let me keep my beloved outfit.  It was a beautiful act of grace on her part. I hope that the memory of me in that hilarious outfit is sufficient reward for her mercy.

And I really hope it is making her smile today.

Throughout the holiday season I plan to share some of my fondest and most embarrassing memories.  Just because it seems like the thing to do.  And I know you'll laugh WITH me. With, not at.  Otherwise it will be no fun at all.  For me.


Mike Boyd said...

It's funny now, but I was flabergasted at the time. This was only one of the many perplexing things you did. You kept me on my toes.

And I did get a good laugh.

I love you.


Cheryl said...

definitely laughing with...

But I would LOVE to see a picture of you in a "tribute to Sonny Crockett"

CityMom, CountryMom said...

You made me laugh and smile. Because I think we are from the same era. When Bennetton and Miami Vice sound all too familiar, I think you might be a new blog sister! Found you from Fiddledeedee. Come by and visit...
CountryMom (Suzanne)

CityMom, CountryMom said...

Yay! I just read your profile and you've been married one year less than me. I love Luke and Lorelai! I loved the fast-paced thinking talking and all that! Please visit again. So glad we will be friends! :)
CountryMom (Suzanne)

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