Friday, November 21, 2008

This is just begging for a plug

Some of you may already know about this, but I'm going to promote it a little bit more because it's just so awesome.

So there's this couple who have decided to avoid the commercial side of Christmas and make gifts for each other this year.  The difference of what they would have spent will be donated to a village they want to minister to.

The husband's gift to his wife?  The Mother Letter Project.  He's asking moms across the blogosphere to send him"Dear Mother" letters to encourage his wife in her ministry as a mom.  Then he's going to compile those letters into a Christmas book for his wife.  I think he's gonna want to wrap up a box of Kleenex with the book.

If you send him your letter (via his blog or email), he'll send you a copy of the letters as well.  I just sent one and am looking forward to following this story until Christmas time.

Don't you love it?


Mother Letter said...

And yes, her letter is awesome.

Thanks for contributing. I look foward to all of your letters. And tell your non-blogging mommy friends too! They can submit letters via email to

Momto3 said...

I love that idea. Will definately participate.

Please keep me posted on Bella. I will be preparing and serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald House on Dec. 20th so if her mom needs anything, please contact me.

Cheryl said...

this is just nice all the way around!

Cheryl said...

(my word verification was "vatoring" another star wars word!)

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