Friday, November 14, 2008

The Universal Language of Boys

I took Doc Brown and Obi Wan-da to the park today.  We'll call it P.E.

The playground was empty except for one little boy and his mother.  Seeing that Doc had probably 3 years and about a foot on this kid, I warned Doc to be careful not to run over him.

It was a pleasant coexistence.  And then the sticks came out.  I started to tell Doc to put his stick down when I heard it.

Sound effects.  

The kind that come as natural to boys as breathing. The sound of a light saber erupting from its handle.

From BOTH boys.  I don't think either boy uttered a word of English the entire time.  They opted for "boy speak" instead.

Specifically the Star Wars dialect.

I won't worry until Doc starts speaking Wookie.


Cheryl said...

LOVE it!

my word in the verification is "xylighop"... that's even Star Wars-ish!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

It's sounds like a creature in the cantina scene:)

Luke said...

That's good stuff. Isn't it amazing how ubiquitous that sound has become?


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