Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Wasn't Prepared For This Milestone

Yesterday morning at the breakfast table Doc Brown made a big announcement.

He has two loose teeth.  

His first loose teeth.

The emotion I felt over this milestone took me by surprise.  I wasn't expecting to get tears in my eyes as my son proudly wiggled his two bottom front teeth.  I wasn't expecting a punch in my gut as it hit me once again that my boy is growing up.  And I wasn't expecting to spend the rest of the day hugging him a little bit tighter as I was reminded that the days are going by too quickly.

He's wiggling his teeth a lot, eager for them to finally come out.  I'm a lot less eager.  I know he's going to be adorable with his new grin (and it will be helpful to begin to get an idea of what kind of orthodontist bills we're looking at in the future).  

But they're his baby teeth.  I remember when he cut them and how he chewed on everything and drooled everywhere.  Goodness he was cute.  One more reminder that my precious baby is growing up.

I wasn't prepared for this.


Melissa said...

I totally get this post - I felt the same way - the losing of the babyness. Both my boys have now lost all their baby teeth - that is bitter/sweet too.

Cheryl said...

awww... my heart is remembering.

All I want for Christmas is to loose my teeth?

Tree Climbing Mom said...

"The losing of the babyness"... I'm getting weepy all over again.

Momto3 said...

My oldest didn't lose his teeth until 2nd grade. My youngest started in Kindergarten. In fact, he lost one at the bus stop this morning.

Melissa said...

Ok, I jumped the gun for Luke - a correction, he still has 2 to lose. He HATES loose teeth - drives him (and the rest of us) nuts!

mary grace said...

I have those same emotions with the onset of the loose teeth stage. I remember every tear shed over those little pearly white, every drool, every teary scream, every dose of ibuprofen. How quickly it all passes ...

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