Monday, December 15, 2008

It's official...

...our church's children's ministry rocks.

Last January when PB and I started looking for a church closer to our house we knew we wanted to be somewhere where the teaching was sound and the people were warm.  We also knew that we could find a church with the best teacher in the world and the most loving people ever, but if that church didn't have a heart for our kids, then adios!

Thankfully, we didn't have to say adios to our new church.  Our kids are learning about Jesus, His Word and that church is a wonderful place to be.

In the 11 months that we've been there our kids have been actively involved in Sunday School and Wednesday night activities and participated in the Easter egg hunt, VBS and Trunk or Treat.  All have been outstanding because the woman in charge is the most organized and level headed person I have ever met. Translation: the events are a lot of fun without being sensory overload.  Further translation:  I don't have to take Tylenol after attending children's ministry events.

Last night was the cherry on our church sundae.  The church hosted a Happy Birthday Jesus party for the kids while the adults went to their own small group Christmas parties.  Let's take a moment to bask in what a fantastic idea that was.  A friend of mine asked if people could just skip the small group parties and go out on a date instead... very tempting.  

I'm glad we went to our party though because we have some crazy good cooks in our small group.  Homemade flan, oh my.

Anyway, the kids had the best time at their party.  They jabbered about it from the time we picked them up until we tucked them in.  Doc Brown told me last night how much he loves going church and Obi Wan-da kept getting up to tell us "one more thing" about the party.   

If that's not a sign that something rocks, then I don't know what is.


Momto3 said...

How awesome to hear that! We recently went back to our "home" church and are so glad we did. The youth group is great and the children's ministry is great too.

Sue said...

Hmmmmm this church of yours sounds pretty tempting

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Uh-oh... EC, I promise I'm not recruiting:)

Homegrown Schoolhouse said...

that is really cool- and such a good idea! I might have to steal that one year!

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