Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I would rather shave off my eyebrows than...

sit through the Inaugural Luncheon.

There's a lot of parts of the Inaugural celebration I'd be honored to attend regardless of who is being sworn in. I'd go to the swearing in, the parade and of course I'm up for a good ball.

But I'm watching the coverage of the Inaugural luncheon at the Capitol and I'm having the urge to pull my hair out on behalf of the attendees. So far there's been a bunch of boring toasts, a presentation of some framed pictures and the Pres and VP and their wives were just presented with a couple of bowls. They weren't actually handed the bowls; they just had to squeeze through some tables to go have their picture taken with the bowls. There was a speech about the bowls and the lovely folks at Lennox. I'm assuming they get to take the bowls home with them.

I've sat through my fair share of boring luncheons and I know that everyone in that room is thinking the same thing,"Get me my food and get me out of here. NOW."


Cheryl said...

please... don't shave them... I like eyebrows.

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