Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thank You List Saturday - The sweet sound of success

Yesterday afternoon Doc Brown casually walked by me to the bookcase and grabbed "Green Eggs and Ham" and told me that he was going to go read it to Obi Wan-da.

As if it was no big deal.

Only it was a VERY big deal.

My boy is reading!  He's been reading to me as we've been doing school, but this was the very first time that he picked out a book and had enough confidence to not only read it, but to read it to an audience.  For years I've watched him pour over books studying the pictures, but to see him curled up on my bed and hear him read the words aloud brought tears to my eyes.

For me, teaching my kids how to read was the scariest part of the decision to homeschool because learning how to read well and comprehend what they're reading is the foundation for everything else we're going to work on in school.  

No pressure or anything.

As I listened to Doc reading I felt a huge wave of relief like okay, we're going to make it.  It also made me excited for my son and the adventure he has ahead of him.  What are going to be the books that rock his world?  Who are the authors that will speak to him?  Is he going to find rest in a great work of fiction?  Or will he be like his father and soak in records of history and biographies?

I know that's a long way down the road.  For now I'm just so thankful that he's reading.


Andrea said...

Congrats to you and Doc Brown! All 3 of my boys like to read and I am very thankful for that.

Cheryl said...


ann marie said...

having them read their first book is like having them say their first word or take the first step. It is SO exciting! Congratulations to both of you!

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