Tuesday, February 17, 2009


That's the number of blog posts that are sitting in my Google Reader waiting to be read.

I took a 24 hour break from all things blog/email related so I could catch up on housework.  I knew I had gotten behind when someone from church mentioned they might drop by on Sunday afternoon and all I could think was, "How rude will I look if I don't let them inside and just talk to them in the front yard?"

Fortunately, they didn't come by so my family frantically shoved 2 weeks worth of laundry behind closed doors for nothing.

But I did take the hint and now you're all welcome to drop by and admire my uncluttered/vacuumed/swiffered/mopped floors and "powder your nose" on my clean toilets.

You've got about 48 hours but after that I can't make any promises.  After that I might just keep you out in the front yard.


Cheryl said...

it doesn't last long, does it!? so funny....

Sue said...

Oh how I lonf for the days when my house stays clean beyond the 24-48 hour mark! I just state my disclaimer at the front door - "excuse the mess, the house was clean yesterday, but a bunch of slobs (I mean 3 kids & a husband) live here."

Luke said...

...you're supposed to clean your house when people come over? I guess I've been living under the delusion that we live in our house...


It shows.


ann marie said...

We're lucky. We have a crazy barking dog who really is sweet as pie, but he seems like he may attack and he barks like crazy whenever anyone comes. He also runs away ALOT, so whenever people come to the door, if the house is really bad, I just stand with the front door opened a crack and say "sorry, if I let you in, he may escape." It's pathetic.

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