Monday, February 23, 2009

Bad mom alert

I love my boy.  He has a wonderful and active imagination.  He's kind of like MacGyver when it comes to playtime... he can turn any object into a toy.  He creates amazingly creative scenarios when he and Obi Wan-da are playing make-believe.

He even has an imaginary friend, which apparently is pretty normal at the age of 6. (Please tell me it's normal.)  Tigger is his imaginary friend and as far as I've been able to ascertain Tigger has been living a secret life that Disney is not aware of.  At the ripe old age of 7 he's married and has 10 children.  Interesting.

Here's where the bad mother part comes in:

I can't stand my kid's imaginary friend.

I'm fine with the fact that he has one.  It was even pretty adorable at first.  I just can't stand this particular imaginary friend.

Because he's a punk.

Apparently Tigger is the best at everything; he has everything, can build anything and has been everywhere.  And since we talk about him ALL THE TIME, I'm beginning to resent him a bit.  See, I've got this thing when it comes to dudes who claim to be the best at everything.  They make me want to rip their heads off.

Now mind you, Doc doesn't pretend to be the best at everything.  Just Tigger.  In fact, he was appalled the other day when I told him that I thought he was way cooler than Tigger and that if I had to choose between the two I'd much rather spend time with Doc.

The other night we were in the car and the topic was Tigger's oh-so-cool car.  Apparently he's got this car that can go faster than anything with wheels that turn on their side so he can go up walls and has a giant rocket/gun that "gets the bad guys".  

And all I could do was wonder how Tigger could get that thing insured.

I'm sure there's all sorts of developmental stuff going on here and a psychologist would give me an astute analysis of why Doc's created Tigger to be this way.  I'm sure a good mother would cherish this season and gain lots of insight into what an imaginary friend's characteristics tell her about her son.

I just want Tigger to either find a humble heart or get lost.


Cheryl said...

oh this could make for fun speculation!

ann marie said...

totally normal and very cute...
Jane had an imaginary friend named Whale and it was an actual whale. Whale sat in the car and slept in bed and she would walk around talking to Whale all day. We had a tiny two door car at the time and I would wonder how Whale fit, but he did. Sometimes they got in fights, but they always made up.
I think your son is pretty clever and funny to have the smarts to make up such a cool friend.

Andrea said...

We haven't had any imaginary friends at my house - wonder what that says about me as a mom?

Kaycee said...

lol I think it just means he has a great imagination.

My son has a real friend who sounds a lot like Tigger, I wish he were imaginary. Then I wouldn't feel so bad when I tell him to go home.

Holly said...

Lol oh dear! Tigger sounds like, uh...a really interesting individual! o.O

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