Friday, February 13, 2009

The fine folks at Hallmark would not approve

PB and I think Valentine's Day is a crock.

Sorry, we do.

It's a good thing we're in agreement on this because it would not go well for PB if he were the only one in this relationship who felt this way.

PB isn't one to be guilt-tripped into anything so having an entire industry telling him that the only way to tell your wife you love her is to buy her something on February 14 doesn't sit well with him.

I'm just burnt out on all the in-your-face marketing that seems to cheapen every holiday.

That being said, PB still delivers a gift every year and manages to do it graciously which is completely unnecessary because he buys me roses and chocolate regularly throughout the year. And even though there's a bit of a calendar influence where the chocolate is concerned, Valentine's Day has nothing to do with it.

This year we're going to a marriage retreat that happens to fall on Valentine's Day so that will be our formal salute to what we both call a fake holiday. And I think PB's willingness to sit in a seminar setting and do anything that includes the phrase "workbook" is gift enough.

Also, we get to spend the night at a fancy hotel without the kids. And that's way better than flowers.

Do you guys feel the same way or are PB and I the only Valentine's Day Scrooges?


Cheryl said...

we think it's a TAD gimmicky too, though we (I) usually get something for the kids. We "do" Valentine's Day but not to any great degree!

Just Me said...

Yep...a waist of time...
Why do we need the world to tell your spouse you love them?
James and I don't celebrate...persay...but we do go out for a date night. But...not on Valentine's day. We tried that once! We now go the night before or after, to avoid the crazy crowds. This year we're going with another couple..guess that's what old marrieds do! I'll talk more to her than to my hubby! LOL!!

Tiffany said...

I'm with you and PB! Ollie and I don't make much of the holiday. We definitely don't go out and we don't do gifts. We usually try to make a special dinner. Heart shaped pizza is always a fun one. He will be in Chicago this year so it's just the kiddos and I. I told them that we could celebrate by having "build your own sundaes" for dessert. I really wouldn't mind just skipping the whole holiday though...bah humbug!

Andrea said...

I am with you on this! We usually get the kids a card and a small box of candy and we exchange cards (if I remember to buy one!) but we don't do gifts. My hubby says Sweetest Day in October is also made up. Enjoy your retreat!

Becks said...

:) Singles Awareness Day! :) Ok so yes I agree Valentines day is a bit too much.. BUT that being said.. I want just one traditional "Valentines Day" at some point.. Have fun at your confrence! :)

Elle said...

We can't stand the gimmicks either. But when the in-laws or friends offer to sit the boys so we can go out on a V-Day date....well, we accept. Today's date will be a shopping trip, movie and dinner event. You can call it President's Day or whatever, but time with the Hubs...alone...I'll take that with or without Hallmark.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

we are scrooges with each other. We are married and spend everyday and night together and that is special. We do try to do something for our kids to remind them that they are out sweethearts so hopefully they won't crave it later from elsewhere.

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