Monday, March 30, 2009

I blame Sean Astin

In celebration of March Madness,  Boo Mama set up a group in ESPN's tournament challenge where her blog readers could create their own bracket predicting who would win each game in the NCAA tournament.

I don't watch basketball on television and I never attended any of my college team's games.

So naturally I created my own bracket.

A monkey would have made less random predictions than I did.

I scanned our local paper's sports section to see where they were ranking all the teams.  They didn't have high hopes for Washington and that bothered me because Washington was the number 4 seed in their division, that's pretty good right?  And yet they didn't seem to be getting any respect so I picked them to win the whole thing.

They lost in the second round.

The rest of my picks were based on a combination of name recognition and seeding.  So if I didn't recognize their name and they weren't ranked very high, I predicted they would do very well.

I watched "Rudy".  I loved "Rudy".  I always root for the underdog.

Apparently this isn't the year of the underdog because I'm sitting at 8.9% accuracy.  I'm ranked #157 out of the 181 people participating in Boo Mama's bracket.

I don't think I'll be bankrupting Vegas any time soon.


Elle said...

This is what I know about basketball in general: I broke my ring fingers, first the left and then the right, both times I tried to play. Ergo, I've always despised basketball. But this made me laugh. I didn't know basketball was funny.

Cheryl said...

but what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas....

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