Thursday, March 5, 2009

My 2 cents on American Idol

I've been watching American Idol this season but haven't commented on it because I'd just be parroting what I'm reading on everyone else's blogs (kind of like singing Whitney Houston, bless my heart, and believing I'll be the one who "makes it my own").

But to recap:
I like the nice boys who sing well... can't believe piano bar guy didn't make it through... Lil Rounds freaks me out... week 2's round put me to sleep... what on earth is Paula saying... all done with the Simon/Ryan banter.

But last night sent me off the couch and that's not an easy feat.  Why, why, why did they give Tatiana a chance to sing in the Wild Card round?  Seriously.  Why?  Because once we figured out the routine we forwarded through all the cleverly cryptic intros the judges used to introduce their picks.

That poor girl does not need to be on national television.  She needs to be in a doctor's office.  I'm not a physician and I can't make a diagnosis but is there anyone out there who thinks being on American Idol will do anything helpful for her mental health??  

In case the people at the people at Fox think she makes for good television, she doesn't.  She makes for sad television.

So cut it out.

And that's my 2 cents.

Oh, and I'm rooting for Anoop and Matt tonight.


Julie @ blessedwithfive said...

Not sure why, but I don't watch the American Idol . . . sounds frustrating!

The Memory Bible is an AWESOME Bible Memory book - hope you are able to get one!

Lisa said...

Yep...exactly what I was thinking. Somebody get that girl some help.
I'm thinking Anoop and Matt too.

Cheryl said...

The family was watching and I'm half watching and doing my etsy thing but when I saw/heard her I couldn't believe it. You are so right... that isn't even good television.

Elle said...

Maybe she negotiated a bailout on the whole having talent is important?

Tiffany said...

I so agree with you on the Tatiana thing. The ONLY reason she is back is because of the drama! She is totally screwed up and my kids and I even prayed for her one night. I told them that she is not standing on the solid rock of Jesus. She is on seriously shifting sand and I feel bad for her. Having her come back for this is just not right and will just get her hopes up again. Surely, they won't let her into the top 12.

Cheryl said...

Hey!! This will explain it better than I can!

I think it all comes down to reusing old stuff!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Good review. I cringe every time Tatianna comes out. And I write that not to be ugly...I cringe for her...I know many people hate her...but I feel so badly for this poor girl, who is clearly confused and misguided and terribly insecure...and while I've never quite acted in the manner she does...I've been all those things described at her age, but just acted it out in other odd ways. Every time I see her I just wish I could give her a hug and say, "You do not need this right now, come...let's talk about who you can be in Christ..."

Lynn said...

I'm an Anoop-dog fan myself. And I couldn't agree more about Tatiana. I was also wondering about her mental health as every week she seemed to display wildly divergent personality traits. And being judged on national television cannot be an easy thing for even the most solid of citizens. I'm looking forward to the next AI installment :)

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