Monday, March 23, 2009

Tea Time

This weekend my mom, Obi Wan-da and I observed my favorite tradition... our annual ladies' tea.  Every year since my daughter was six months old we've gone to a local hotel for tea time and bonding.  It's always a special time and it reminds me that my life is bookended by an amazing mother and an incredible daughter.

Obi Wan-da loves her time with "Hammy" and this year she really embraced the girlishness of it all, flouncing her dress and looking at all the pretty flowers.  The tea room caters to children with PB& J tea sandwiches and chocolate milk served out of a teapot... my girl was so cute all decked out with her hair up and a chocolate milk mustache.

Three women with 3 styles of tea: Obi Wan-da and her milk, my mom with her traditional hot tea and me with mine the way God intended... iced and with plenty of sugar.

Obi Wan-da saw a group of women toasting each other with champagne at a nearby table and thought that looked like fun.

Obi Wan-da preferred her PB&J to my gorgonzola and pear sandwich... that's okay because I wasn't interested in sharing.

The hotel grounds are beautiful so our outing is really part tea time and part photo shoot.

This is why I have to have her dress dry cleaned before Easter (totally worth it).


Cheryl said...

oh wow... wow... awesome photos!

Kris said...

What a cutie!

Hey...when'd ya redecorate over here? Like the new blog skin.

Bro said...

You guys couldn't look more adorable... or perfectly coordinated in your yellow, white and green. What a fantastic tradition!!


Andrea said...

So precious! You all looked beautiful!

Kaycee said...

That's adorable. I think I really need a little girl, that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun with my two boys.

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