Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best Laid Lesson Plans

I had big, big plans for school yesterday.  I decided to take the kids to our local science museum for a little field trip. 

It was a beautiful day outside so we kicked things off with a picnic during which we talked about all the exciting things we were going to do at the museum.  As the kids chattered away during lunch I sat back and thought about how thankful I was for the opportunity to homeschool and what a wonderful gift to have a picnic in the middle of the week and get to go to the museum when it's virtually empty so the kids can really take in all the exhibits and on and on.

I have to confess I felt a little smug about the whole thing.  

Don't worry my non-homeschooling friends, there are plenty of days YOU guys should feel smug about crazy homeschoolers like me... in fact, I can give you a for instance:

When we arrived at the museum we were greeted by a sign saying the museum is closed on Wednesdays for maintenance and cleaning.  I scrambled to come up with an appropriate alternative considering this was technically a school day.  The library?  No because I had no cash for the parking garage.  The art museum?  Hardly a fair alternative since the kids had their hearts set on a day full of hands on activities and all they would hear at the art museum would be "don't touch that".  

So what highly enriching activity did I come up with?


An economics class, perhaps?  Frankly the most educational portion of the trip was the three minutes I spent explaining the abacus to Doc.  And I don't think I did that very well.

So now I'm dreading the moment when Doc tells someone he went rug shopping for school.


Andrea said...

That's too funny! But shopping at IKEA can be fun and educational, at least for us!

Cheryl said...

funny! this is the second time in a couple days I'm reminded of when Rod was homeschooling (the year after he retired from the AF). He was telling a good friend of ours how he was taking the kids to go "study the eating habits of bass and crappie" ... she was so impressed! I had to tell her when I found out about it later that was his way of saying he was taking the FISHING!

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