Friday, April 3, 2009

Steppin' Out

Last week I mentioned that I've been feeling led to branch out with this whole blogging thing. Specifically, I've been praying for some time about starting a separate blog that would be an online bible study.

I can't think of someone less qualified than me to actually do this, but God rarely looks at qualifications when He passes out assignments.

So in light of the fact that God likes to use the foolish things of this world... allow me to introduce you to Spacious Living.  Ta-da!  

In spite of the name, it is NOT a blog about home decor.

I've got a couple of posts up so far and I'm hoping to have the first official study post up on Monday.  Oh and this will so not be a daily update kind of thing because my family does not need to live with a crazy lady.  (Well, not more than they already do.)  I'm aiming for weekly.  

Anyway, feel free to drop by and check out the new digs.  I am going to keep posting over here about important things like American Idol and snack foods because it's way too much fun to quit.


Cheryl said...

I just went and read... Lori, they're great. You have a way with words, join that with the scripture and leading of the Spirit and you're off to a beautiful start here. I'm so looking forward to the rest because, I have to say, I really relate to Peter too ;)

Kaycee said...

I just checked it out and will be following you there too. This is exactly what I need right now.

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