Sunday, November 15, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation, part 1

I thought I would post some items that I would've posted had I not been on a three month hiatus.

A lot of people think PB and I are a good match because we are both so, well, "normal". Disregarding the commentary from the peanut gallery that is my family, those who would judge PB and I by our exterior would take one look at PB's button-down shirts, my mom uniform, both our white cars and my iPod play list and think: white bread.

Ah, but looks are deceiving because the reason PB and I have so much fun together is that we both have a soft spot for people who are a bit left of center. That's why PB was totally on board when I asked if he wanted to take the kids to the 2009 World Yo Yo Championships.

That's right and it was awesome.

I was expecting a fun night and it delivered like Dominos. For starters, when we got to the hotel that was hosting the event, we walked in as an Elvis impersonator was walking out. Apparently the yo yo competition was in the ballroom next door to a celebrity impersonator convention. It was surreal and I was giddy.

I've never been to a yo yo competition before so I didn't know what to expect. What I wasn't expecting was the abundance of hair gel and chains. It was sort of like going to a skate park where the sights and sounds imply chaos but when you take a closer look you can see that there is a quiet etiquette to the whole thing.

I'm posting a video so you can see the guy who won the whole thing and get an idea about what the night was like. (You might want to skip the first minute because it's just warm-up before he really gets going.)

You'll have to conjure up your own image of passing Barbara Streisand and Cher on the way to the parking lot.


Elle said...

Thanks for posting the video. My boys just thoroughly enjoyed it. Youngest's comment: That dude must have done a lot of practice.

Bravo for yo-yos. All kinds of us.

Michelle said...

Two questions:
1. Did his mom ever take him to a therapist?
2. Does he have most of his teeth?

Your sister loves you. I really, really, really needed the laughs induced by your recent posts. Thanks for coming back!

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