Monday, April 5, 2010

Bootie Shopping

I should be putting together my grocery list, but I can't. I need to make sure we have essentials like milk and eggs and brownie mix (BOGO this week!). But I can't.

Not until I get something off my chest.

Dog booties.

Specifically, non-slip dog booties.

Zoe is our 12 year old mix-breed something or other. In her old age she's become a gassy, grumpy old lady who demands dinner at 4:30, kind of like she lives at the Ponderosa or something. But we love her and I'm going to feel terrible when she heads on to the great by and by, which we're thinking might be sooner rather than later.

And as much as we love our new floors (and we do - we really, really do), they are the bane of Zoe's existence. Poor thing slips and slides and wipes out on them on a regular basis.

It's just pitiful.

And noisy.

Especially when we're trying to watch Amazing Race (go cowboys!).

But, really, it's all about her.

Which brings me to non-slip dog booties. We're thinking about buying her some so I did a preliminary search online.

Oh dear.

There's a surprising number to choose from in all sorts of varieties. You can even buy outfits to match the booties if you are so inclined.

I am not inclined.

I haven't bitten the bullet yet because I'm concerned these booties could be a gateway product and the next thing you know Zoe and the kids will have matching sequin outfits and I'm carrying my 60 pound dog around under my arm like I'm Paris Hilton.

Two things that made me laugh out loud while shopping:

First, those dog models are some hacked off looking dogs.

Second, one store sells the booties 2 per box.

Think about that.


Bro said...

A new post on your blog always makes my day! You are hysterical and dog booties are too. Gateway drug, indeed!

Lori Martin said...

Hi I make custom dog booties and I really make some indoor nonslip boots just for your problem with Zoe (I sell them 4 to a set also)

Cheryl said...

you are hysterical!

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