Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 3

6 am - Woke up for quiet time

7 am - Went for morning walk

8 - 10 am - Breakfast and packing to get kids ready for 2 nights with the grandparents

10 am - Dropped kids off at the parents' house

10:30 am - Ran around making the house presentable

11 am - Tried to make myself presentable and ate lunch

noon - Ran to store to buy jewelry and hussy red nail polish for tomorrow night's fancy date night with the hubby

2:00 pm - Nap time!

2:30 pm - Got sucked into watching moderately high speed chase on the local news

3:30 pm - Moron driver's tires blew out bringing chase to an end

3:30 - 4:30 pm - study time

4:30 pm - Folded laundry while watching "Say Yes To The Dress" on Netflix

5:30 pm - Picked up Chinese for dinner

6:30 pm - Headed out to see "Red" with PB

10:00 pm - Back on the couch to watch last night's "Survivor"

11:02 pm - Throwing together a last minute post so I don't blow this NaBloPoMo three days in

Fascinating, no?


Becks said...

:) you can watch say yes to the dress on Netflix!?!? i'm so excited :)
ps good to have you back blogging :)

Just Me said...

Well...I was just gonna comment about Say Yes to the Dress being available on netflix...but it seems my daughter beat me to it. :) Love the "hussy red" nail polish!! Sounds like a perfect day to me...especially dropping the kids off, how do I get involved in that gig?

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