Sunday, June 1, 2008

Welcome home, my precious

I love TiVo.  TiVo is my friend.  Here's the order of what I would grab if my house caught on fire:

1. Family
2. Dog
3. TiVo (actually, its a tie between the TiVo and the mask my husband wears to keep from snoring at night, but you get the idea)

January kicked off our family's renewed commitment to financial fitness.  We'd (read I'd) been living a little fast and loose with the cash and it was time to reign in our (my) spending habits.  The shot across the bow?  We said bye-bye to the satellite dish and the TiVo that went with it.

We knew the $60 bucks a month we were saving wasn't going to make a big difference, but we thought the symbolic gesture would remind us that we were really serious THIS TIME.  It worked.  We've spent a lot less money since January and we realized just how much time we were wasting watching nothing on TV.

Our Amish living was great, but two events were looming on the horizon that would warrant some sort of TV reception:  "So You Think You Can Dance" and the Olympics.  These were non-negotiable for us and action had to be taken.  So we bought a fancy little antennae that allows us to get very good reception of our local stations.

Problem solved? Um, no.  Having lived as a TiVo owner for many years, I cannot under any circumstance handle commercials.  I can't.  I just can't.  They make me crazy.  Can't do it.

So, we went out and got ourselves a TiVo for our whopping 9 channels.  Yes we did and I'm not ashamed.  Thursday night we watched "SYTYCD" and I got to see that pretty little green line on the bottom of our screen while I zipped past the commercials.  It was a beautiful sight.

Welcome home, my precious.


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