Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It was supposed to be a just a little trip to the park...

Sometimes I am amazed at how much credit my kids give me.  Yesterday Doc Brown asked me to make him a real knight helmet.  He asked with such wide eyed enthusiasm and all I could think was, "Bless your heart, do you really think I can do that?"

I was racking my brain for any way to pull off this feat when Doc Brown walked in with the helmet he had made on his own: his bicycle helmet with a duster feather stuck through the top. Perfect!

Poor Obi Wan-da will request a special hairdo, not comprehending that I am utterly useless in the hair styling department.  (Does she think I make my hair look like this on purpose?)  And then she'll grab her hair band and do it herself.  The look of pride on her face is the perfect compliment to her coif.

Other times the request requires bending the time space continuum like retrieving a long forgotten (and broken) toy that I tossed out months ago.  As much as I'd like to pull an "I Dream of Jeanie" and get it back, no can do.  So the kids move on to making something wonderful out of an old paper towel roll and and a pillow case.

A lot of times I might feel inadequate, but today I was just plain helpless.  We were at a park today, one of those really cool ones with fountains that the kids can run through and get wet. I was loving it because the kids could splash in the water and I didn't have to worry about them drowning while I visited with the other moms.

But kids can still fall and scrape their knees which is exactly what Doc Brown did.  It was one of those nasty scrapes too, not just a fancy rug burn.

My friend was patching up my son with her first aid kit while I did my best to console him, but hurt on top of the disappointment of fun coming to an abrupt and painful end was too much for him.  And then it started to rain.  Not helpful.

My son just kept crying and looking at me like, "do something Mommy".  And there was nothing I could do.

I have been able to accomplish some quick fixes over the past six years which I'm sure is why my son was looking at me as if I could stop the rain and heal his knee.  Today it just hit me in the face that from this point forward there's going to be a lot less that Mommy can fix, like confusion, disappointment and broken hearts.

Lately I've been praying that I would relate to my kids not based on what I think about them, but based on what God knows about them.  It's my hope that that knowledge will help me equip them for whatever their lives hold for them.  And oh how I hope they both keep their creative flair for problem solving, feathers and pillow cases included!


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