Friday, July 11, 2008

She's Gonna Blow!

Actually I already did.  At my kids.  This morning.  It's only 9 AM and I've already lost it with my kids.  I'd love to say it was because they were shaving the dog, throwing rocks at cars or ANYTHING that could justify my outburst.

They weren't.  Just a little whining, that's all.  That's something that can be taken care of easily by a calm and rational parent lovingly correcting the behavior.  

Yeah.  I didn't do that.

What I DID do was give them a spectacular example of how to throw an adult size tantrum.  I sighed, I did the whole eyeball thing and I stomped around the house.  Oh yeah, and I yelled. The scene would have given my mom horrible flashbacks to my teenage years.

Of course, you moms know what happened next: CONVICTION.  (I'd say guilt, but this was legit conviction material.)  Thankfully, God has shown me what comes next even though my pride had to die yet another death.

Repentance before the Father and my kids.  God, of course, is so good.  The sweetest moment I've had all morning was with my kids when I asked their forgiveness for being a "grumpy britches".  

Since His mercies are new not just every morning, but every mid-morning too, I'm going to start the day fresh (again!).

Hopefully, my inner teenager won't show up anymore today.


Tiffany said...

I had a morning like that today too. Actually I have a lot of mornings like that. Joe is an A #1 whiner and he could do almost anything else and I could be totally calm, but whining. I lose it!

Lori said...

Doesn't the bible say, "Thou shalt not whine"? It's gotta be in there somewhere.

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