Thursday, August 7, 2008

She's not weird... she's UNIQUE!

I absolutely love my girl.  Obi Wan-da is a priceless work of art, sort of an abstract piece.  I am hardpressed to describe her when people ask what she's like.  I hope this story will enlighten you about her innate Obi Wan-da-ness.

Obi Wan-da is three.  She's a girl.  Ergo, she likes all things Disney princess.  Me, not so much. I'm trying to indulge some of it because she's a girl and most girls like that stuff.  She has the pjs, dress up clothes, etc.

I do, however, have some lines we will NOT cross.  The most important of which is NO princess writing (or any other for that matter) on her fanny.  Her sweet little tushy is cute enough on its own, thank you very much.

I digress.  Kind of.

Many months ago PB brought home some Disney princess cups for Obi Wan-da.  They were a huge hit.  Obi Wan-da loved drinking out of them.

Exhibit A:

A week ago Obi Wan-da found another, um, creative use for her cups.  

She started sleeping with them.  Cups.  My daughter was sleeping with cups.  Four of them. Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle and the grand dame of them all, Cinderella.

I know that sounds sad.  But this is the girl who likes to sleep with Star Wars action figures and matchbox cars, not exactly the plushest sleeping companions.  

Or so I told myself for the first few nights.  

But yesterday I couldn't take it any more.  Even though she was perfectly content sleeping with the cups, I went out and bought these:

Hopefully they'll keep her company until PB brings home a Backyardigans serving bowl.  For the record, she slept with her new toys last night.  

And kept the cups beside her bed.

Oh, I just adore that girl.


Lisa said...

yeah...nothing says "class" like "princess" written across a little girls' hiney...:)

Lisa said...

That doll is kinda freaking me out. I think that you need to give my girl her cups back...

Tree Climbing Mom said...

I don't think that non-freaky dolls exist!

chewhi said...

you guys are funny! I LOVE this post! My sweetie is 15 now and we had similar issues!!

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