Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just cruisin' the 'hood with my kids

One thing motherhood is teaching me is that I have to stop caring what other people think of me. And I'm trying, really I am.  Yesterday was a big test.

Obi Wan-da, Doc Brown and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon.  There's a cute little downtown area a couple of blocks from our house so that's where we headed.  On the way Doc Brown spotted some litter and picked it up.  I wasn't paying attention to what it was and absently said, "Good for you," when he told me he was going to put the trash in the trash can.  

But then I noticed what the trash was.  Oh my.

It was an empty, but not crushed, can of Coors Lite.

My boy was so proud of himself that he was doing a good thing.  So now I was faced with a couple of options.  Do I:

A)  Tell him to drop it on the ground thereby killing his good deed and risk being haunted by the image of a weeping Native American all day.  (Please oh please understand the reference!  If not, please go here before you get offended)


B)  Let my son finish his mission and enjoy the feeling of doing the right thing while random strangers think that his mommy lets her 5 year old drink beer.

I opted for B because, dang it, his heart is far more important than my reputation.  And then a little, old lady drives by and slows down her car to get a better look at us.  Next we made the nice father dropping his little ballerina off at dance class do a double take.

I started to get the giggles and wanted to say, "You know we're very concerned about the childhood obesity epidemic.  That's why my kids drink only lite beer."


Mike Boyd said...

I love it!!

Mike Boyd said...

O.K. No change in sight. The same writer who published a class prediction about Shari P still babysitting the H. kids, that very same writer is alive and well!

And I am very, very glad.

Love, Mommy

chewhi said...

hilarious!! and good for you!

and yes, I understood the native american reference and I'm so happy you even linked it. Rod and I have told the kids about it and haven't thought to look it up and show them!

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