Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Two more reasons why I won't be mistaken for Einstein

1.  Planning a field trip to a boxcar to capture the setting of "The Boxcar Children" only to realize the boxcar is a caboose.  

The sad thing is that I've visited it a number of times, but it never occurred to me we'd spend most of our time discussing the ways a caboose is NOT like a boxcar. (You'd be surprised at all the differences!)  Fortunately, Doc Brown invited my parents to come along so my dad was able to answer all his questions about trains.  I don't think my responses would have been satisfactory.

2.  Starting our first week of homeschool the same week we get a new roof put on the house.

My walking buddy asked me if that would put a cramp in our schooling.   Oh surely not, it's only a bunch of burly dudes stomping around on our roof with hammers and nail guns.  And it's not as if my son is fascinated with tools or anything.  How could that possibly interfere with school?  

(I'm beginning to rethink my appalled reaction to PB's co-worker's inference that I'm not capable of teaching my son how to read and write!)

In spite of all of that, we had a great morning.  We relocated our lessons to my parents' house and my dad, the retired principal, told me that now I know how teachers feel after a fire drill!


chewhi said...

funny! now we know where you and Lisa get it from!

(errr...not capable of teaching your kids how to read and write... errr....just makes me growl...)

oneblessedmamma said...

Okay, your homeschool sounds way more cool than mine...I'll be there next Monday...say 9-ish to drop my kids off, LOL.

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