Monday, August 4, 2008

Another BIG reason to homeschool

My kids are zoned for a school that begins at 8 AM!

I was loading the dishwasher this morning when the nearby church bells rang for the 8 o'clock hour and it hit me that I really cannot send my kids to public school for one very important reason:  we would NEVER make it on time. Ever.

Seriously, the school would call the state on me because I would be the mother with the crazy eyes and banshee hair screaming at her kids to get out of the car. 

So that settles it. There's no going back now.


chewhi said...


I knew someone who, to keep her kids on a schedule, would go through the process of getting ready and actually leave out the door and all. That's great... but not me!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

I think doing that would only confirm what my neighbors must already suspect: that I'm crazy!!

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