Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hmmm, Star Wars geeks you are

Yesterday was a Star Wars extravaganza for our family.

About a month ago a dear friend of mine emailed me a link to the Pottery Barn Kids web site announcing a special Star Wars event taking place at our local store. To generate interest in their new line of Star Wars products, some locations are hosting meet and greets with some of the movie's characters. We so had to be there.

I stopped by the store on Monday to pick up 4 complimentary event tickets and PB and the kids lined up 1 1/2 hours early (and held a place for me while I was at choir practice) so we wouldn't miss a thing. That's what we call commitment, people. Apparently, there are people even crazier than us because PB and the kids were NOT the first people in line.

We were waiting for the doors to open when we were approached by a store employee who asked us to literally choose between good and evil. We had to decide if we wanted to get in line to see Luke Skywalker, R2 D2 and a rebel fighter or Darth Vadar and a storm trooper. This was not a teaching moment. We chose evil because our whole family agrees that Darth Vadar is just plain cooler than Luke Skywalker (we haven't spelled it out for the kids, but the fact is Luke Skywalker is a weenie).
I'll admit Darth Vadar looked a little short, but still, he's just cool. So cool, in fact, that we decided to top off our day with a trip to Disney's Hollywood Studios for a ride on Star Tours.

Yep, geeks we are.


chewhi said...


Lisa said...

That Vadar does look mighty short...I'm willing to put money down that it's a chick in that costume. The Storm Trooper too.
An hour and a half?
Messed up, you are...

Steph said...

HILARIOUS. Not a teaching moment...I bet it felt just a tad weird mouthing the words (quietly I'm sure) "we (ahem) choose evil"...Lol TOO FUNNY! AND the right choice in this instance. What a VISUAL! Fantastic!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Apparently, LISA there are people who appreciate culture:)

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