Friday, September 26, 2008

Some families discuss current events at the dinner table

Last night at the dinner table Obi Wan-da let one rip.  Not a ladylike toot you can politely ignore, but a big one that rattled the table.  

PB and I tried to keep from laughing in the silence that followed while Doc Brown's eyes got big as golfballs (I think he was impressed with his sister).  Obi Wan-da looked at us and said, "That was not from me.  It was Zoe (our dog)."

So of course we couldn't keep the laughter in any longer because apparently once you have children potty humor becomes an art form.  When I was finally able to speak I reminded Obi Wan-da that we should always tell the truth, even about toots.  "And poops!", responded Obi Wan-da.  This led to more discussions about the delightful bodily functions that we should be honest about.

Yes, we're very classy.  It's kind of like dining with the Rockefellers.


Just Me said...

It's so refreshing to know that we aren't the only "high class" family around. Sitting at a dinner table with 1 husband and 3 teenage boys is a REAL experience!!

chewhi said...

yep... I can relate to that!! Even my daughter and I in the picture doesn't curb it while they're getting older. It may have something to do with shock value. In other words... it probably won't stop as they "mature." lol

Melissa said...

Yep - this never stops! It's fun, fun, fun all the time!

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