Saturday, September 27, 2008

Thank You List Saturday #5

During this election season I am particularly thankful for Caller ID.  

It's only September and I'm already getting calls from special interest groups with scary messages about how my eyebrows are going to fall off if I don't vote for or against XYZ.  Come October we'll be getting calls from every politician under the sun begging for votes.  Living in a "battleground" state is just going to make everything that much worse.

Maybe my use of Caller ID will inspire some stalker politician calls: 

"Hi, it's Sen _________.  I'm worried about you.  You never answer my calls.  I just call and call and you never pick up.  I mean, I know you're home.  It's dinnertime.  I'm all about family values, but please, get up from the table and talk to me.  C'mon, baby, I need you're vote."

"Hi.  It's me again.  Now I know you're home.  It's 8 o'clock and you've just put the kids to bed.  I know you want to crash on the couch with your husband, but darlin' you've gotta hear me out.  We need you.  I need you.  Vote for me, okay?"

"Do I need to come over there?"

Anyway, I'm really thankful for Caller ID.


chewhi said...

this is funny!!

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