Monday, September 29, 2008

Stay back... I've got cooties

I'm sick.  

It began as an allergy attack on Friday night which blossomed into a lovely sinus infection complete with a little earache and body aches and fever just for kicks.

I'm not a good patient.  I blame my parents.  They spoiled my sisters and I when we were sick as children.  They made the couch all comfy with pillows and blankets and bought us McDonald's and Coke which were otherwise pretty rare around our house.  My dad had a wonderful saying, "Relax and enjoy poor health."  So I did.  Unfortunately, it is harder to relax and enjoy poor health when you have your own little ones running around the house.  Fortunately, PB was able to stay home from work today and take care of the kids.

I still find it hard to relax though.  Partly because of the body aches and partly because of the guilt trip I'm having over making my fanny couch shaped from sitting on it all day.  No one's making me feel bad about it.  I'm sure my family would actually prefer I do whatever it takes to get better, but there it is.  I've taken myself on a guilt trip all the same.  

There are other trips I'd rather take.

Like the one we went on this past weekend.  Again, this is a tale of my parents spoiling us.  This weekend they rented a cabin over at Silver River for the six of us to stay at.  We had a wonderful time hiking, canoeing and eating s'mores.  We saw deer, turtles, rabbits and the wonders of the real Florida in early fall.  It was perfect.  We also made a trip to the Natural History museum at UF (on game day, but that's another story) and went to their butterfly habitat.  That's a great field trip and one we're certain to repeat.

Oh, and somewhere in all that fresh air I had an allergy attack.  I actually think some rule forsaking camper took their cat with them to the cabin prior to our stay.  It's just a guess and in no way influenced by my utter disdain for cats.

Anyway, take a look at these pictures and you'll see why I think the trip was well worth spending a few days with kleenex shoved up my nose:


Kris said...

Hope you feel better soon. And I love that picture of Hammy and Hampy!

Just Me said...

Feel better!! It's a down right crime to be sick in Florida this time of year!!! Or to be indoors at all, for that matter! Can't stand wasting the perfection of Florida once summer is over!

Bro said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well, Lori... but this post reminded me of one of my favorite stories about you and Hank from your early days of married life. I'll never forget you telling us about getting sick right after you guys got married (maybe even right after you got back from your honeymoon) and you made Hank get you your 'comfort food'... I believe Kool Aid and tomato soup.... which was promptly spilled all over your new comforter.

Is this at all accurate?? Funny the things that stick with you over the years... but whenever I'm asking Patrick to get me my comfort food when I'm sick (luckily for me it is ginger ale and oyster crackers... nothing that stains!) - I remember that story and smile.

Feel better!!! :)


chewhi said...

hope it goes away quickly and you're back to normal!

great pics!

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