Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday: Kitchen Helpers in Training

Works for Me Wednesday: Kitchen Organization
Tableware at Kid Height

Rocks in My Dryer hosts "Works for Me Wednesday" every week and I can't believe I have something to contribute.  In the kitchen area of all things.

It's not at all profound and I'm sure most moms will read this and say "duh", but here goes: My kids can now completely set the table all by themselves.  I've placed our cups, silverware and plates in the bottom cabinet so the kids can reach them. 

Also, I keep a kid sized pitcher of water in the refrigerator so the kids can get water any time they want. ("What about your built in water dispenser?" you ask.  Well, that hasn't worked for 2 years so we're making due with the pitcher.)

Like I said, it's not profound, but it is one baby step on the road to independence for my children.  

Added bonus: it makes it easier for them to help unload the dishwasher (which just happens to be my least favorite chore).  Does that count as character building?


~~tonya~~ said...

Great ideas. I have my older kids cook dinner at least once a week--they plan the meal, help pick out the groceries and cook the meal. TFS

chewhi said...

are these called memes?

good job mom! believe me, it pays off for them and for you!

Tiffany said...

One of the best things I ever did was made the cups and water accessible to little people! My plan for the next few months is to teach my girls to make 5 meals. They can then work alone or separately and make dinner for the family. On my list are:
Chicken, rice, and a vegetable
Pot roast, mashed potatoes, and a vegetable
Chicken Curry and/or some sort of soup or chili

Just Me said...

Don't forget to teach your sons to cook as well. Unless they go right from your home to being married, they will definitely need to know how to feed themselves. Besides, their future wife will thank you for it!!! (I've always said, I'm not raising sons, I'm raising husbands!)

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