Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thank You List Saturday #2

I must be the mother of a boy because I just looked at my post title and thought it might look like this is a post about being thankful for BMs.  It's not.

This week's thank you list is a shout out to my parents and my in-laws.  We're blessed to live five minutes from my parents and only 45 minutes from PB's folks. I know that not all families would consider this a blessing, but it is in ours.

For starters, my children have a real relationship with both sets of grandparents.  They get to grow up surrounded by adults who love them, pray for them and are their biggest fans.  They know that they can count on Grandma to play on the floor with them, Grandpa help them build their latest contraption, Hampy to take them on adventures and Hammy to read with them and bake for them.  And all four are good for some serious spoiling.

PB and I also get a big piece of the action.  We have loving, supportive and HELPFUL parents. Here's a rundown of just this week as an example:  
  • This week we were displaced for two days while we had a new sewage line installed (fun!) so we spent much of that time at my parents house.  
  • During that time my parents watched the kids a number of times so I could run some errands.
  • PB's dad built and installed a new cabinet in our kitchen on Thursday so I can have more storage.  
  • My mom (the retired English teacher) works with Doc Brown every Wednesday to give him a firm foundation in language arts.  
  • Meanwhile, Wednesday mornings are Obi Wan-da's has special time with my dad and my time to get some stuff done.
  • Today we're headed to PB's parents house to celebrate Doc Brown's 6th birthday with BOTH sets of grandparents.  (Oh yeah, did I mention our parents like each other and even take vacations together?!)  PB's mom is doing all the cooking for our get together.
That's just this week and doesn't include all the other blessings like helpful advice and encouragement like, "You're doing a great job" and "Hang in there, you'll get through this". 

Yes, I know I'm blessed and no, you can't have them:)


Tree Climbing Mom said...

We are blessed to have our family this close by. All four (yes, all four, not just the little two) are the greatest. They all bring blessings into our lives and we are thankful for them. We love them so much and so grateful we see them often and we can be a part of their lives, and them a part of ours.

And the special friendship with Ruth and Jake is very special. We think that they, and their other children and families are ours also.

We feel sorry for other grandparents who do not have what we have. God is so good to us.


Missus Wookie said...

Those are wonderful blessings - having had trouble with raw sewage I'd have been happy to decamp recently! Living close enough to have a real relationship with grandparents is a treasure to be savoured.

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