Friday, October 31, 2008

So this is what 34 feels like

I've been telling people I'm 34 for the past 4 or 5 months, but today I really am 34.  Funny how that finally seems like a stupid call now that I can no longer say I'm 33.

Yes, I am (or was?) a Halloween baby.  Scary:)

This birthday feels different.  I don't really feel any older, but for the first time in a long time I do feel wiser.  That's a pretty good birthday present in itself.

You see this in the past year I've done some very un-Lori like things:  

      I finished a half-marathon and faithfully went to the gym.  I was a life-long couch potato.
      I started homeschooling my son.  I used to say over my dead body...
      I joined my church's choir.  I did NOT see that coming.
      I started this blog.  I thought my writing days were behind me.
There isn't a single thing on that list that hasn't been an unexpected blessing from God and there's not a chance I would have even attempted any one of them without His prodding and empowerment.

I've been thinking about these new things lately and thanking God for what He's taught me through them and how He's changed me as a result of those lessons.  It made me wonder what new things He has in store for me next year.  And then it hit me...

There very well may be some cool new adventures ahead like learning how to dance (no mocking from my family!), but I bet there's still some old stuff in me He'd like to make new.  Things like my quick temper.  The God who is slow to anger has called me to be the same.  Or my cynicism. Love always hopes all things, right?  

I used to think, "But that's just the way I am". 

Now I know that's not the way I have to be.  Certainly not how He wants me to be.

If the God of the Universe is powerful enough to hold the times and seasons as well as get my lazy hiney off the couch, then He's capable of changing me into the woman He called me to be.

"Behold, I will do a new thing, Now it will spring forth, Shall you not know it?  I will make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the dessert." Isaiah 43:19

I'm really looking forward to the next year.


chewhi said...

beautiful... amen...

Mike Boyd said...

The way Lori is:

You have always done the unexpected. You shined in kindergarden and elementary school, during which time you cut your hair right before or western vacation and on another occasion "altered" your sister's clothes with a pair of sissors. You made a name for yourself. In high school you worked hard to become a cheerleader, only to find you hated it. You went on to establish you way in journalism being the yearbook editor for two years resulting in local and statewide honors. And of the three of you, you're the only one to get through high school without wrecking a car. In college you again made your way to the top, coming home with the distinction of being an honor graduate and an outstanding future husband.

Since that time you had a professional career that a Daddy is proud to brag about. During that time, more important, is that you established a family with a perfect husband and two perfect children. And of course the biggest surprise was you joining the choir. You are the prettiest and best singer in the group.

I could go on and on, but I want to again say that you are a blessing from God. We love you and thank God for you. You are truly a wonderful Christian wife, mother, and daughter.No, I'm not saying these things because I'm your father, it's because they're true.


Just Me said...

Happy Birthday Lori!!
(I had no idea you were sooooo young!!! Guess I just thought you were closer to Lisa's age, who might I add is also soooo young!)
Love your blog...and hearing all about your kids!!! James says that it's cause of Doc Brown that he survived the Toddlers class!!!

Mike Boyd said...

Lori, my little crusader...the one who has always done things in her own unique way! All the way from, "stamping your foot and saying, "It's my way." to nailing a cheerleading position just long enough to establish, this is not my thing but being tapped as a sophomore to move into leading the high school year book staff as a junior was. So was spearheading an award winning video and capturing the coveted crystal award from the Ledger. You have done things with class and originality and above all, integrity . All these traits won you respect at FSC and Darden and beyond.
Now, God is using you in the greatest venue of all, the home, and what a supporting cast He has given you. You are part of the super Hank/Lori team (I commend your excellent taste... He won our hearts from the "get/go.") And Jason and Ella, what a privilege you have to be their mom, and how blessed they are to have you for a mom. And I continue to feel pride and joy in calling you, "Daughter, and my little crusader." You are still meeting challenges with class, definitely originality and you are honoring the Lord with integrity. Happy birthday, Love, Mommy

Luke said...

Happy Birthday!


Bro said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Lori!!! I've been thinking about you this week - especially as Annie's birthday falls just one day before yours.

I've SO enjoyed reconnecting with you this past year and now even more though this blog (although I suppose that's more of a one way street!). I've always thought the world of you and have been reminded why through your insightful, honest, thoughtful and humorous writing. What a gift you are sharing with others!

I know the coming year will continue to bring great things! As always, I wish you all the very best.

ZLAM! (...couldn't resist!)
Cara :)

Lisa said...

I love you, baby sister.
Happy Birthday.

Lisa said...

And yo, Daddy...what's up with you throwing me and Michelle under the bus for wrecking cars during high school?! We only had...what? six wrecks between us? That's not so bad. Sheesh.

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Becks said...

Happy Birthday!!! :)

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