Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thank You List Saturday #6

Here's a big reason I'm thankful....

PB gets to work from home two days a week.  That's huge considering the fact that he works in corporate land and very few people in his company have been given the opportunity to telecommute.

For starters, it's a big savings on gas since PB has a 40 minute commute to work.  It also means that 2 nights a week we get to have an early dinner and extra family time and that's very nice. 

I'm sure there are days when I drive him crazy bursting in and out of the office while he's trying to work, but PB is very patient and insists my interruptions are much better than the lady collecting money for the latest thing her kid is selling for school, scouts, baseball, etc.

Unlike me, PB has the discipline to avoid distractions which I'm sure is why the boss man has let him do this the past couple of years.

So that's another thing to be thankful for.


Just Me said...

My hubby works at home (when he is in town). I love it! With all the kids at school, we get to have lunch together, just the 2 of us! Is PB still working at the "plastic container" place?

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Love the picture! Yes, we're still swimming in bowls!

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