Sunday, October 12, 2008

THAT Family Tree Society

I'm pretty excited because today my blog is being featured in "THAT Family Tree Society" over at We are THAT Family.  Specifically, this post about our last camping trip.  

PB's not exactly thrilled that an "unapproved" photo of him is getting more air time and I should be having second thoughts about telling the whole world about my gastrointestinal issues, but I've already put it out there once - what's a little more embarrassment among friends?

Anyway, We are THAT Family is one of my all time favorite blogs because its author, Kristen, is the real deal.  Her blog is a great mix of laugh out loud humor, a lot of "me too!" moments and a whole bunch of inspiration.  A lot women stop by there daily  - it's quite a ministry Kristen has over there so go check it out.

I'm glad I can consider my family one of THOSE families.  Some of my favorite memories and greatest personal growth are a result of THOSE moments in my life.  For instance I was 8 months pregnant with Doc Brown when PB had back surgery and two years later I was 8 months pregnant with Obi Wan-da when Doc broke his arm (scary trend, right?).  Doc Brown's delivery alone made me one of THOSE women - one of those horror stories you hear at baby showers that make you gasp and stop eating the quiche.

As I type this I'm looking at my dining table sitting in the middle of the family room because my dishwasher is in the middle of the dining room because I'm waiting for the extra refrigerator to be hauled out of the kitchen.  This on top of the fact I've been doing my laundry at my parent's house for the past three weeks because my washing machine died and poured water all the way to the street (yes, we're waiting for the locusts any day now).  I've been dragging my feet buying a new washer because quite frankly the idea of tearing apart my utility room at the same time the kitchen is in chaos stresses me out.

But it's great to be one of THOSE families.  Because this is the stuff that bonds us together and gives us a collective laugh.  I also hope that PB and I can use these little bumps as mini training sessions for when the really big, bad stuff comes along.  And it will come.  So I want to be ready, I want my marriage ready and I want my kids to be ready.  I want our family to be equipped with a light touch on the trivial, a warped sense of humor and a faith that the King remains on the throne no matter what trial comes our way.  I think being one of THOSE families will do that.

So I'm thankful to be a member of THAT Family Tree Society.  Judging by the posts from the other "members" of the society we're a scrappy bunch.  And we're a whole lot of fun.


We are THAT Family said...

Thank you for joining me on the journey. It's why I've fallen in love with blogging, because of the common chord.

And because being 'scrappy' never felt so good!

chewhi said...

Congrats Lori, very cool!! I read it again and LAUGHED again, then headed over to the THAT family blog and laughed some more so thanks!! I really, really needed that today! I'm going back.

Tiffany said...

Congratulations to you! I read your "bio" over on "we are that family." I'd like to hear more about two car accidents in one day.

chewhi said...

Me too, Tiff...

One Friday the 13th, my Dad threw his back out at work, my Mom cut the tip of her finger off mowing, and I split my knee open so we 3 all ended up in the emergency room. Mom asked a neighbor to take my sister for the rest of the day!

Anonymous said...

Congrats and nice to "meet" you! Might I be so bold as to ask how the lawn mower in the pool story turned out? LOL! Blessings, Whitney

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Yeah! Post ideas! I've a gotten a couple of requests for details on the wrecks and the lawn mower so I'll be breaking down those stories this week:)

Laurel said...

Just found your blog, and LOVING it! Keep writing!

mama of 13

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