Monday, October 13, 2008

The Stink Over Tink

A couple of weeks ago I bought Obi Wan-da's Halloween costume at a consignment sale.  It's a beautiful Tinker Bell costume in perfect condition.  I don't know if I was more smitten with the layers of tulle or the $6 price tag, but I was sure it was the perfect costume for my little girl.

Obi Wan-da's delighted reaction was exactly what I was expecting and she looked beautiful when she tried it on.  All the whirly, swirly goodness came to a halt though when Obi Wan-da said, "But I'll be a good Tinker Bell.  Right?"

Good Tinker Bell?  Is there a bad Tinker Bell one might ask.

Actually, yes.

Apparently I was blinded by the sequin covered bargain and forgot one important detail... I don't like Tinker Bell.

Due respect to the people at Disney, but Tinker Bell is a terrible character.   She's vain, jealous and scantily clad (BTW Obi Wan-da's costume is modest).  Then there's that little matter of attempted murder.  Watch the movie and see for yourself.  That's one mean little pixie.

Whenever we watch Peter Pan I point out (carefully, I thought) that Tinker Bell has some character flaws she might otta work on.  I guess Obi Wan-da was listening.  That's great, but now she thinks her mother believes she'd make a great Tinker Bell.  

We had a nice talk about all the wonderful attributes she'll display in her costume: kindness, generosity, humility...  But you know it's still gonna come up in counseling 20 years from now.

Doc Brown is going to be a policeman for Halloween.  At least I don't talk smack about them.


Lisa said...

There's always been something vaguely creepy about Tinkerbell. I am, however, quite jealous that she gets to fly down a zipline from the top of Cinderella's castle every night as the Magic Kingdom fireworks begin.

Tree Climbing Mom said...

I'd like to have that job, but Disney wouldn't hire me because I'd scream the whole way down.

Doug said...

I see it now, As you're helping Doc get dressed-

'Now, What do you say when they call you 'pig'?

"You're under arrest"

And when they call you 'stinkin fuzz'?

"Don't make my sister go all Tinkerbell on you!"

'Good boy!'

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Yeah, don't mess with the Tink!

Tiffany said...

I never really thought about that but Tinkerbell really isn't such a great character is she? Hopefully, ObiWanda can transform Tink into a sweet, good-natured Tinkerbell.
BTW--Hannah's theatre director is one of the Tink's who fly from the castle. Talk about a cushy job! She's at Disney maybe an hour and gets paid for a full day I think. She doesn't scream all the way down.

Anonymous said...
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chewhi said...

I always thought that about Tink too when the kids were little and we'd watch it. I would wonder if I was being too sensitive about it because I liked the coyote going after the road runner and all...

"counseling 20 years from now"... ba-ha-ha!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

I probably over sensitive, but she gets on my nerves. I didn't even mention the pouting! said...

That is so funny. I just watched Peter Pan with my kids for the first time a few weeks ago. It was the first time watching it through "mommy eyes" and I too was appalled at Tink's behavior. In my head she was a nice little fairy, but I agree with you, she has many character traits I don't want my daughter emulating. Nice job talking her through it and isn't it great to know she listened? Good mommy moment!

Ashley said...
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Carrie Thompson said...

I read a post about tink and marilyn monroe, there is a snopes about it. anyway apparently tink is getting more and more curvasious and is now wearing eye makeup unlike before! Wow do we have to worry about everything????

Steph said...

SHEESH you guys, it's TINKERBELL. How about the Road Runner and the coyaote, Elmer Fudd, Slvester the cat and EVERY BAD WITCH in every Disney movie that ever was made?? (BTW- I admit I taught my eldest to call the witch on Snowhite "Janet" after my Mom when se was little) YEAH! NOW who's the good Christian I ask you!
All you need is ONE good previewing of the new Tink movie to fall in love with Tink all over again. She is mischievous but good hearted...a marked improvement from old Disney when mice could get drunk (Dumbo) mothers could die (Bambi) and some serious voodoo could go on (Fantasia) take it with a grain of fairy is all OKAY....if you are raising your kids in the ways of the LORD, I promise you that TINKERBELL will NOT corrupt them!!! Lori---we are having a fairy party at our house Lisa for my email address and I will send you info if you want to bring little fairies here...:)

Steph said...

I should have listened to the prompt to check for typos before I published. I DO know how to spell all those misspelled words. (Is that how you spell misspelled?LoL)
Man, I am so insecure.

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