Thursday, October 16, 2008

Was there a Best Buy during bible times?

During our morning break Obi Wan-da and Doc Brown created this:

It's always nice when they work together on a project and you can imagine how pleased I was when they explained to me that it is Abraham and Sarah's tent.

How nice that they've been paying attention at their Wednesday night bible class.  So what are those big yellow boxes at the top of their tent?


Four huge TVs.  Probably plasma.

I know Abraham lived on the prosperous side of the street, but I had no idea he was so ahead of his time.


Luke said...

Those Bible times folks sure did have it all [smile]. Anachronisms crack me up.


mary grace said...

Think of how much better off Sodom would have been with those televisions. ((snicker))

Just Me said...

That's just priceless!!!

Becks said...

oh love that! :)

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