Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thank You List Saturday #13

Pre-Lit, Artificial Christmas Trees

Yes, we have an artificial tree.  I love our artificial Christmas tree with its colorful lights already attached.

I used to think that live trees were the only way to go.  I was raised on live trees - we even ordered a Christmas tree from LL Bean one year so that we could say we had a real tree from Maine in our Florida home (it was as successful as you would think - not very).

My husband and I used to buy live trees every Christmas.  The first year we treated tree decorating like a date night.  We went out to dinner before going to the tree lot to select the perfect tree.  We had a great time running up and down the aisles looking for a tree we liked.  It was a regular Hallmark movie.

Until we got home.

Have you ever heard that a great way to test a relationship is to go canoeing together?  Try putting up a Christmas tree with a crooked trunk and using a cheap stand.  Very telling.  And not at all fun.

We persisted with the exercise for five years because we each thought the other needed the smell of a live tree to be happy.   I finally broke one year and asked PB if he would mind terribly if we bought a fake tree instead.  He responded as though I would never have to buy him another Christmas present ever again.

Last night we decorated our artificial tree with the kids.  We turned on the Christmas music and talked about where each ornament came from .  It was fun and peaceful.  Nobody heard blue language coming from their mother while she tried to hang lights on the tree.  PB isn't on bed rest after killing his back trying to get the tree straight.  And I don't have to vacuum up pine needles for the next month.

Christmas time is here!


Cheryl said...

my "standards" on Christmas trees have definitely changed over the years too! ya gotta relax!

Bro said...

I'm SO with you on this one! We had the exact same experience (both with Christmas trees AND canoeing!). I totally embrace my fake tree and can't wait to put it up when we get home from PA!


Tiffany said...

Ollie and I just decided tonight that we are going for an artificial tree this year. We haven't had one in the past because of storage problems but we think we've worked out that glitch. I'm definitely going for a pre-lit one. I can't wait!!!

Just Me said...

I've never had a real tree...sad! My brother was alergic, and James' house burned down because of their tree. I've got to admit that I love the pre-lit tree we have now. If only I could capture the smell of a real tree somehow. I love walking by the trees out front at Publix...and taking a deep whif!!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

I did start to waver yesterday when I smelled the trees at Publix. Then I went home and saw my needle-free floor!

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