Monday, December 1, 2008

Barefoot Christmas Shopping

Every Christmas season PB and I set aside a date night to go Christmas shopping for the kids' presents.  We always end up at Toys R Us on one of the busiest nights of the year and divide up our list so we won't be stuck in the store all night.

PB hates shopping in general and I have a long list of "I'd rathers" before I go to Toys R Us.  As in I'd rather have my eyebrows completely plucked out than go to Toys R Us at Christmastime.  It doesn't make for much of a date night.

This year we decided to join the world of online shoppers and it was awesome.  We curled up on the couch in our sweats and bare feet while we did our browsing.  We munched on cookies and had a football game playing in the background while we did our pricing comparisons.

No crowds.  No frantic atmosphere.  Free shipping.

The Tree Climbers have a new family tradition.


Tiffany said...

Good idea! I have done some online shopping but not all. I actually enjoy the crowds and the excitement of the mall--especially the day after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, my feet don't agree. I did a lot of Snapfish shopping this year. That was fun!

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