Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Stinky Family Down the Street

Us.  We were the stinky family down the street.  Specifically our carport utility room.  It's almost gone now.  

I promise.

About a week ago it started to smell a little funky.  I couldn't find the source but figured it would go away quickly.  Wrong.  Instead it quickly became an overwhelming stench that started to spread to the area around the carport and even into the house.  I never understood the appeal of those Yankee Candles until this happened.  Those suckers can cover up any smell - amazing.

PB dug all around the utility room to find the cause and couldn't find it.  I decided to put our dog to work and took her in there with me and shut the door.  I imagined her springing into action sniffing out whatever had died and then obediently sitting at attention while I got PB to remove it.  Sort of like a stink bomb sniffing dog.  As soon as I shut the door, Zoe started sniffing frantically and then shoved her nose in the crack at the base of the doorframe looking for fresh air.  She' a lot smarter than we give her credit for.

It was during all this that a family moved in few houses down from us.  I baked a pound cake and took the kids with me one evening to deliver it.  Doc Brown is going through a phase where the only shoes he wants to wear are rain boots so of course that's what he wanted to wear when we met our new neighbors.  Fine.  I really didn't care.  I save my battles for Sunday mornings when he needs to wear real shoes.

Anyway, when we went to deliver the cake the nice lady asked which house we live in so she could come by "later".  I said that would be great and then my eyes got big and said, "Oh please don't come by later.  Something died in our utility room and everything just stinks!"  She politely laughed and told me that her version of later would be another day and not later that evening.

Later as in never.  She probably thought Doc Brown's rain boots were a Hazmat thing and not just a fashion statement.  

I'm thinking that pound cake went in the trash.


Sue said...

The smallest dead rodent can cause some SERIOUS STINKAGE! I found a tiny dead mouse in our garage and that smell was funky! Zoe is one smart pup! I don't blame her.

Lisa said...

I thought that I smelled something groovy in the air this morning...is that ya'll?!

Cheryl said...

humm... yankee candles inside and out?!

Tree Climbing Mom said...

Just inside:)

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